“Ray’s smile and intelligence made him a magnetic personality

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Hermes Replica Belt Marie who began his career with the Hounds, posted about Emery’s death on Twitter Sunday afternoon.”Ray’s smile and intelligence made him a magnetic personality,” Dubas wrote. “You always rooted for him to reach his vast potential, even as he went through the many ups and downs of his playing career.”Former Leafs forward James van Riemsdyk, who played with Emery in Philadelphia, said on Twitter: “So sad to hear the tragic news about Ray Emery was a great teammate and person.”Ottawa Senators owner best hermes replica handbags Eugene Melnyk also released a statement expressing condolences.”Ray was instrumental in our run to the 2007 Stanley Cup Final, and at his best he brought a competitive edge and high quality hermes birkin replica combative mentality to the game. On behalf of our entire organization, I wish to extend my deepest sympathies to Ray’s family, friends and loved ones,” said Melnyk Hermes Replica Belt.

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