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You a intnd tbcom pgnant plan tbast-d AVAPO HCT should not b usd duing pgnancy whil bast-ding you hav cntly had xcssiv vomiting diahoa think you a dhydatd you su om any mdical conditions spcially: – kidny poblms, hav had a kidny tansplant dialysis – hat poblms – liv poblms, hav had liv poblms in th past – diabts – gout hav had gout in th past – lupus ythmatosus – high low lvls potassium sodium oth lctolyts in you blood – pimay aldostonism you a stictly sticting you salt intak you a lactos intolant hav had any allgis tany oth mdicin any oth substancs, such as oods, psvativs dys. hav had a sympathctomy you hav bn taking diutics you hav a histoy allgy asthma.

High Blood Pssu “xtmly tid and slpy all th tim. Low ngy. vn at slp still tid.”

High blood pssu can b tatd and contolld with mdicins such as AVAPO HCT. You doctmay alshav commndd that you adjust you listyl thlp tlow you high blood pssu (losing wight, avoiding smoking, ducing alcohol consumption and sticting th amount salt in th dit). You doctmay alshav ncouagd th pactic gula, mild (not stnuous) xcis such as walking, swimming, tc.

Chst discomot dcasd uin output dilatd nck vins xtm atigu ling wamth v igula bathing igula hatbat nausa pain discomot in th ams, jaw, back, nck dnss th ac, nck, ams, and occasionally, upp chst shotnss bath swating swlling th ac, ings, t, low lgs tightnss in th chst toubld bathing vomiting wight gain.

Th antihyptnsiv ct angiotnsin II cptantagonists, including ibsatan, may b attnuatd by NSAIDs including slctiv COX-2 inhibitos.

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